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meet Steve

A leader in the financial services industry for over 42 years, Steve Swiontek understands the importance of low taxes and a strong economy. 

Steve is a lifelong North Dakotan. After graduating from Edgeley High School, he attended North Dakota State University where he was elected by his peers to serve as Student Body President. In 1977, Steve graduated from NDSU with a degree in Economics and Military Science.

Swiontek went on to start his career as a Management Trainee at Gate City Bank, the company with which he stayed for the duration of his professional life. In 2000, he was elected to the Board of Directors and named President. Today, Steve serves as Chair of the Board where he incorporates a focus on philanthropy and serves as a community ambassador along with his fiduciary responsibilities. 

With a lifelong interest in the political process and how the decisions made by governing bodies affected the lives of its citizens, Steve actively learned with his involvement in the College Republicans followed by internships at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. and at the office of U.S. Senator Milton R. Young.  As a staff member in various ND election campaigns, he learned the resilience needed for a successful election. In his 20s, he ran for the ND House and won, leading to 4 two-year terms. During his legislative career he introduced a bill to fund Rape and Abuse Crisis Centers across the state. Working with all sides to approach problems and provide solutions comes naturally to him and he understands the importance of promoting bipartisan dialogue.

While extremely active with Gate City Bank operations, Steve also answered the community’s additional needs by serving on the Fargo Board of Education for 6 years. He then served on the Cass County Electric Co-Operative Board of Directors for 18 years, overseeing efficient operations to keep citizens’ cost of electricity low. 

Steve has had a lifelong interest in philanthropy and servant leadership. As President, Chair & CEO at Gate City, he focused on these values that resulted in numerous program innovations. A strong supporter of law enforcement, Steve has always ensured that the safety of our communities' officers is a priority. When the Fargo Police Department and NDSU campus police officers needed funds to provide protective headgear to all patrol officers, the bank funded their requirement. The bank has also funded initiatives for the West Fargo Fire Department, further supporting public safety.

Active in our community, Steve serves on many local boards including the City of Fargo Renaissance Zone Authority, NDSU Development Foundation, and Fueling our Future. A leader in North Dakota’s business community, Steve also serves on the board of the Greater North Dakota Chamber.

Now Steve is ready to bring his experience back to the legislature. This is the leadership we need for North Dakota.

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